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New Game!

Unstoppable Slam

Robots are invading! Help Slam use his awesome powers and magic basketball to save the day!

Unstoppable Slam!

New Game: Hoop Troop Jam

Hit the Court with the Hoop Troop!

Play two-on-two basketball against a bunch of different teams! Do you have what it takes to handle all of the action in NBA Hoop Troop Jam?

Hoop Troop Jam

New Game!

Pic'N'Pop 2: Take It To The Hoop!

We've got 40 new, challenging Pic'N'Pop levels for you to master. This time with a double dose of Hoop Troop Action!

Pin'N'Pop 2!

New Game: Hoop Troop Escape!

Rescue the Hoop Troop!

Someone...or something...has captured the NBA Hoop Troop and you're the only one with the awesome powers to save them!

It's up to you to save the NBA Hoop Troop!

Race to the Hoop!

Run, Jump, Slide and Slam!

Robots have stolen your basketball hoop! Chase them down and perform awesome slam dunks to grow stronger and stop their evil plans!

Race to the Hoop!

Most Popular Games

Unstoppable Slam

The Robots are Back!

Use Unstoppable Slam's magic basketball to save the day!

Hoop Troop Jam

Step into the Shoes of the NBA Hoop Troop

Hit the court with Swoosh and Alley-Oop!

Pic' n' Pop 2

Puzzles, Basketball, and Hoop Troop action!

Help the Hoop Troop pass and shoot their way through 40 awesome puzzles!

More Games

Hoop Troop Escape

Can You Escape in Time?

Run, jump, and shoot to help the Hoop troop escape the clutches of an evil robot army!

Race to the Hoop

Pick up the Pace!

Robots have stolen your basketball hoop! Chase them down and perform awesome slam dunks to stop their evil plans!

Dark Defense

Can You Stop the Darkness?

Someone... or something... is pulling the city into darkness. Only you can keep the lights on!

Pic' n' Pop

Pass and shoot against the clock!

Use teamwork to pass and shoot your way through nearly 40 challenging levels of puzzles!

NBA Basketball Showdown!

Play 2 on 2 with this week's teams!

With NBA Basketball Showdown you can play two on two with NBA teams that are facing off this week!

Big League Bites

Race to prepare food for fans!

Race to prepare food for hungry fans — don't let them down!

Trick Hoops

Put your trick shots to the test!

Think you've got game? Put your trick shots to the test.

NBA Hoop Troop Three

You've got a minute to win it!

Swish! Hit as many three-pointers as you can in 60 seconds.

NBA Pro Hoops

Play against a real opponent!

NBA Pro Hoops - Play 2-on-2 versus a player or the computer!

Amazing Arena Games


Try out some of the games in the Amazing Arena!

Fast Break Frenzy

Got Wheels?

Show off your speed and ball-handling on the fast break!

Outdoor Challenge

Get Out and Active!

See how many of our Outdoor Challenges you can complete – can you finish the list?

Free Throw Showdown

You're at the line!

Sink as many free throws as you can under pressure!

Match Up Rewind

Test Your Memory!

Match up NBA superstars before your time runs out.

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Toon Hoops

It's a slammin' one-on-one basketball brawl with your favorite characters!

Hero Hoops

Help ultimate alien Ben perfect his jump shot before time runs out!